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Car Import ISF Filing

Car Import ISF Filing

Differences of when to file

For those of you who have purchased a vehicle from overseas or are planning to import a car in the near future. The first filing required to US Customs is the ISF Filing. The requirements for vehicle imports regarding the ISF is different than containerized goods in which the deadline to file is different. For vehicle imports via RORO vessel, CBP requires the ISF to be filed no later than 24 hours before arrival to the US Port. For ocean cargo containerized goods, the requirement is 24 hours before the goods depart from overseas. But if in the case your vehicle is shipped via a container, then you will need to file 24 hours before leaving.

Documentation to file the ISF

The documents needed to file the ISF for vehicle imports will only require a copy of the commercial invoice and bill of lading. In some cases your seller will also provide you with the ISF info sheet, which can be used as well. The data requirements for vehicle imports also differs than containerized goods in which for car imports RORO vessel, there will be no container stuffing location. In summary, to file the ISF for car shipments all you will need is the invoice and bill of lading which contains the bill of lading number.

In addition a copy of your drivers license and proof of social security number is required for postive identification of importer ID to US Customs.

How to Start ISF for your Car Import

Have ready a copy of the invoice, bill of lading and the proofs of ID, and access our online ISF Filing form at www.turboisfcom. Your ISF can be filed at a flat rate of $110 which also includes the cost of the ISF Bond.

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