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ISF Filing Instructions 

1. Complete the ISF Webfile form, and to provide the Importer's contact name, address and Tax ID #.

2. Upload ISF documents and proofs of ID. 

3. Submit filing and make payment.

4. Sign Power of Attorney form

Once your submission is received, the ISF Filing will be completed within 6 hours. A confirmation email will be sent with the ISF transaction number and a copy of the filing. If there are any missing documents or info required after your submission, an ISF specialist will contact you by phone or email from your provided contact information.

​ISF Documents and Proof's of ID Required 

  1. ISF Info Sheet from Seller (containing the AMS Master and House Bill of Lading numbers, Container Stuffing Location, Consolidator Name and address)

  2. Invoice from Seller 

  3. State ID or Drivers License

  4. Upload Proof of Tax ID # : Social Security or Business EIN #:

  • Individuals provide: Social Security Card, w2, or Tax Return

  • Business entities provide: IRS EIN confirmation letter, Articles of Incorporation or Corp. Tax Return

ISF Information Sheet Examples

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