Customs Clearance services are available after your ISF is filed. Upon completion of the ISF Filing, a customs clearing agent will guide you through the remainder of the import process, until you get your goods. Please note that the applicable import duty and fees for your goods will be due to Customs at time of clearance and your clearing agent can help you remit to CBP directly. 

Pricing & Rates
Customs Clearance: $125
Single Entry Bond: $10 for every $10,000 in value (with $75 min)
Importers with Continuous Bond may provide copy their bond.

What is Customs Clearance? 
A common question asked by many Importers is "what is customs clearance" and is this required? Yes Customs Clearance is required after your ISF is filed, and the main purpose of Customs Clearance is to pay for the import duty and fees to CBP, and also for them to determine admissibility of the goods.